Threat: "Mining and development could disturb the view shed of the entire escarpment. Any disturbances of the land (including cell towers) will diminish the capacity to appreciate the significance of the space. Retaining an undisturbed as possible view shed is essential to retaining a feeling for this important landscape and what it has meant historically for defining New Mexico's southwestern character."      --To NM Heritage Preservation Alliance--complete text and photos: Most Endangered Places, 2003


--Three Speculations (2002-08) Resisted & Prevented--

Concerning years of operation

Application 2005, "108" acres targeted, Buildology Inc.

Again, 2008, another "50" acre variation, Rockology LLC


Nearly 2 miles of the Mesa as first imagined by speculators in 2002:

Proposed basalt strip-mining of La Bajada Mesa, 2002, J.R. Hale Contracting

Concerning years of operation, the current 2013 Rockology application omits rationale for the "25 years" time frame, the duration of the mining operation on a 50 acre tract. In 2008 Rockology had planned to strip the same 50 acres of basalt in 12 years, not 25. For a further note of comparison, in 2002 J.R. Hale proposed to strip 500 acres in 50 years, ie., that would come to 50 acres removed in 5 years. In Buildology's application of 2005, the years thought required for stripping 108 acres, was estimated as "15 - 20".
     This is all to note that the listing of the time it might take seems next to meaningless as presumably it is dependent mostly on demand. But what we can deduce is that with modern mining techniques, the acreage has the potential to expand very quickly. Experience then would also suggest that if such a mine of any size were permitted, future expansions could be expected. It's essential that no mining, regardless of the size, is ever permitted on this NM cultural landscape.


Mining Application Dodges Water Rights Protest: See RCA News 2015

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