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Raintree County
by Ross Lockridge, Jr.
(Corrected Uncensored Edition)

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Shade of the Raintree:
The Life and Death of
Ross Lockridge, Jr.
by Larry Lockridge
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Shade of the Raintree

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    "No myth is more imposing than the Great American Novel; but if it is truly unattainable, I believe that Ross Lockridge made a closer approach than any other writer has, before or since."
      --Larry Swindell, syndicated book editor.
     A son's "brave and unflinching attempt to understand his father's pain, while restoring his father's dream."
      --Richard Bausch, LA Times.

Unabridged AUDIO EDITION of RAINTREE COUNTY read by Lloyd James, 42.6 hrs

RAINTREE COUNTY in Braille (# BR 10207) in 10 volumes. Listed in the Braille Book Review--Jan.-Feb. 1997


EDITIONS: Raintree County was initially published by Houghton Mifflin in 1948. Concurrently, a Book-of-the-Month edition was issued. In 1949, a British hardcover was published by Macdonald. In connection with the MGM movie, a paperback was released in 1957 by Popular Library and an abridged version by Dell. The novel was issued in a 1984 Arbor House paperback with a preface by Joseph Blotner. Book-of-the-Month Club printed a facsimile hardcover edition in 1992. The first authoritative text was the 1994 Penguin Books paperback edited by Larry Lockridge. The current edition is the Chicago Review Press paperback released in 2007 with a foreword by Herman Wouk. Raintree County has been translated, in abridged form, into Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, and, notably, three Scandinavian languages, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish.


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Raintree County

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