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Ross Lockridge, Jr. Family Photographs

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John W. Shockley John Wesley Shockley, the author's maternal grandfather, inspired the main character of Raintree County. He was photographed May 28th, 1902 with a copy of "The Indianapolis News"  in his yard at Straughn, Indiana, renamed Waycross as the setting of the Day sections of the novel.

Elsie Shockley, the author's mother, in a college portrait, 1899. Elsie aspired to a life of intellectual and spiritual ideals. For her day she was a feminist, but her progress toward a degree would soon be interrupted by marriage to Ross Lockridge Senior and childbearing.

Elsie Shockley
Vernice Baker Vernice Baker, the author's wife, in 1928, aged fourteen. In "Raintree County"  she would inspire the portrait of Nell Gaither.

Ross Lockridge, Jr. in the Bay of Naples enroute to Sorrento and Capri, January, 1934. "Natural phenomena of great might and giant proportions such as Niagara Falls may be described with crashing similes, but the delicate loveliness of the Blue Grotto must be seen, whereupon it can never be forgotten or described," he wrote his folks.

Ross Lockridge, Jr. on the boat
Ross Lockridge, Jr. in Campo Santo, Genoa Ross Lockridge, Jr. in Campo Santo, Genoa, winter of 1934. His inscription on the back of this photograph draws attention to the "suddenly resurrected corpse who has just burst from his tomb with hideous aspect." He loved cemeteries and recited Gray's "Elegy"  on this spot.

"The Dream of the Flesh of Iron"  was a 400-page epic poem written in 1939-41. Ross Junior writes in the basement of his parents' house, surrounded by the eclectic sources he worked into this strange unpublished work. POSTCARD

Ross Lockridge, Jr. writing in the basement
Ross Lockridge Jr. at the barn Ross Lockridge, Jr. at the Old Home Place, Henry County, Indiana, in the summer of 1946. Lockridge returned to his ancestral home at the request of Life  magazine, which was considering a feature article. Instead, an excerpt from Raintree County  appeared in Life  on September 8, 1947. This photograph and others, by Jeff Wylie of Time-Life,  were never published. POSTCARD


Cousin Mary Jane Ward visited the Lockridge family in Manistee, Michigan in the fall of 1946, the year her autobiographical novel, "The Snake Pit",  became a national bestseller.

Ross Lockridge Jr. & Mary Jane Ward
Camping Camping on the old Lockridge farm was Ross Senior's favorite diversion. He and his son are photographed by three-year-old Ernest in the summer of 1942.

Returning to Eel river with his father and Ernest in the summer of 1946, Ross Lockridge, Jr. pondered the fate of his Dream Section and the revision ordeal that confronted him.

Ross Lockridge Jr at the River

Other photos--family & Raintree County related:

--An Album of RAINTREE COUNTY --7 images (607 K)
--Ross Jr., first known photo, aged one, 1915 (98 k)
--Ross Lockridge, Jr. in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1923 (156 k)
--Lillian Louise Lockridge, Ross Jr's older sister, age 16, 1925
--Ross Lockridge, Jr. passport picture for his year at the Sorbonne, 1933-34. (59 k)
--Ross, Jr., as President of Chess Team 1935-1936. (117k)
--Vernice Baker, shortly before her marriage to Ross Lockridge, Jr., 1937. (98 k)
--Malcolm Correll & Ross Lockridge, Jr., 1937. (176 k)
--Life in a log cabin--Ross Lockridge & Vernice Baker, 1937
--Poets Longfellow and Lockridge, May 1941 (78 k)
--The Lake Gang 1941 (215 k)
--Ross Lockridge, Jr. and Vernice Baker, August 1941 (117 k)
--Vernice, Larry, & Ross, Jr., January 31, 1943 (98 k)
--Ross Lockridge, Jr. Writing in his outdoor office, Summer, 1942. (98 k)
--Ross, Jr., Ernest, in Front of the Lockridge Home, August 1942 (137 k)
--Ross Lockridge, Jr. walking the countryside -- Bloomington, Ind. 1942 (78 k)
--Ross, Jr. with Ernest at the River Charles, Boston, Oct. 31, 1942. (59 k)
--Ross, Jr. with son Larry on the boy's third birthday, summer of 1945. (157 k)
--Ross and Vernice Lockridge at the Shockley home in Straughn, (Henry County) summer of 1946
--Ross Lockridge, Jr., publicity photograph, 1947 (156 k)
--Ross Lockridge, Jr., book signing, last known photo of the author, January, 1948. (98 k)
--Raintree in full bloom at the Lockridge home, Summer 1962. With 6 cropped images. (333 k)
--John Shockley with siblings including Elisha Shockley in Civil War uniform. (137 k)
--John Shockley with his students in Straughn, Indiana, 1893 (176 k)
--Ross Lockridge, SENIOR in a characteristic pose. (234 k)
--Susannah Duke (1844-77) (59 k)

Raintree County, the film. Related photos:
--Elizabeth Taylor on the Raintree County movie set in Danville, Kentucky, 1956. (137 k)
--Eva Marie Saint as Nell in the movie--on the set with hairdresser--
--Between takes, the picnic scene, Danville, Kentucky, 1956. (137 k)
--Liz Taylor on Location, summer of 1956
--Monty Clift and Eva Marie Saint on Location, summer 1956
--Monty Clift and Liz Taylor in Character
--Eva Marie Saint and Vernice Lockridge, at the 1957 film premiere. (78 k)


Raintree County

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