The Ross Lockridge, Jr. Award in Creative Writing

(Awarded Through the Indiana University Foundation)

Victory, wingèd goddess, be in his bounding feet!
--From Raintree County, p. 907

Ross Lockridge, Jr. Writing

     THE DREAM OF THE FLESH OF IRON was a 400-page epic poem written in 1939-1940. Ross Junior writes in the basement of his parents' house, surrounded by the eclectic sources he worked into this strange unpublished work.

     TO HONOR THE LIFE AND WORK of the author of Raintree County, please donate to the Ross Lockridge, Jr. Award in Creative Writing through the Indiana University Foundation.
     The recipient shall be a graduate student whose work shows considerable promise, whether in fiction, poetry, playwriting, or creative prose.
     The fund will be used for support and maintenance of an award in the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences, Department of English, Bloomington, Indiana. The recipient of the annual award will be determined by the Scholarships Committee of the Department.
Contributions should be specified,"For The Ross Lockridge, Jr. Award in Creative Writing Fund: (acc't number: 37 AS12 16 1), and may be sent to:

Indiana University Foundation
Showalter House
P.O. Box 500
Bloomington, Indiana 47402

Raintree County

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